Create a Buy one, feed one dish

Help diners do good by choosing your restaurant

Enable folks to try a dish for $1 or more online. 100% of what they pay goes to charity. They then visit your venue to redeem, giving you the opportunity to build a meaningful relationship.

When a restaurant believes in something I believe, it's attractive.
  • A Restaurant

    Donate a menu item you have in surplus or have higher margins on for the week.

  • A Nonprofit

    A nonprofit seeking funding announces your "Buy One, Feed One" dish to supporters, volunteers and donors.

  • A Diner

    Prospective diners donate for your dish on our site or app and visit your venue with others to redeem.

It makes dollars and sense

Drive visibility among nonprofits supporters. Earn business from those working for and with local causes in your area. Find a typical month below for a FoodCircles restaurant in Grand Rapids, MI.

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The meals always taste better when I am able to use FoodCircles.

Do it for the dollars and the change

It costs you $100/month to receive groups of diners. You start with a 50% discount until we prove it works (at least 8 groups per month).

Launch materials are included when you join and you can cancel your partnership at any time. You make your investment back within the first group or two, and help provide for hundreds of hungry individuals in the process.

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Low upkeep, high results

Simply sign up and select a "Buy One, Feed One" dish. We'll mail you debut materials, handle logistics of the donations, and send you a report on traffic received every month. You just meet the nonprofit supporters we send your way.

Get Started

Get Started

"I love the concept and want to start welcoming diners"

Share with Team

Share with Team

"Love the concept but need to run it by my partners"

thank you to all the restaurants in our community, including:
  • John Howie Steak
  • La Bodega
  • Branzino
Some of our sillier restaurants in Michigan See full video